A large piece of building land for a prestige house

For those who are looking for a really nice piece of land to build their dream house – its difficult. Most of the plots with a CU(outline planning permission) all seem to be next to other houses, roads, or worse, lotissements (small developments of sometimes low cost housing).  If you’re hoping to build a really nice house, you’re looking for an attractive location, without immediate neighbours and a view, and they are like gold dust.

So here’s one!

With just over 1ha (nearly 3 acres), there are no immediate neighbours and there is a great view over the valley to the small pretty village beyond. There is planning permission in place already – a Permis de Construire – for a high quality house with pigionnier, pool and garage. Here is an artist’s impression of the proposed house.

We also asked an experienced building company to give us an idea of construction costs – ‘cles en main’ around €500,000.

So if this is what you ‘re looking for, click here for more details.

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