Best friend forever

Written by Tamzin Renfew

You now have your perfect – well, near perfect, French home. The move went surprisingly smoothly, and now it’s time to explore more of the area. Walking is a fantastic way to see the countryside and villages, and most communes have signposted walks - maps of which you can get in the local tourist office. I’ve always thought walking without a dog was like having ice cream without a cone.... pointless! Dogs are great companions - they don't moan that it is uphill or too rocky or when you stop to look at the amazing view for the 10th time, and happily go wherever you go. And are always your best friend forever – your BFF

So, assuming you’re new to the joys of canine friendship, where would be the best place to find your new BFF?. The answer - Phoenix Association – a registered French charity which helps animals in need in the Dordogne. Caring for, amongst other things, dogs needing new homes, Phoenix works closely with the SPA (Sauvegarde et Protection des Animaux) - and between the two of them, you’ll definitely find someone waiting for you. And when you find your BFF, the SPA and Phoenix will help with the adoption process, not just making sure you have all the information you need but also helping you out with any language difficulties you may have.

Think of the pleasure you will be giving a dog. A secure and loving home, walks and trips out in the car, exploring - and meeting new people. And, France being France, you can even take your dog with you to the restaurant (although a Scooby Doo sized Great Dane might not be welcome - so check first!). We’ve had many rescue dogs over the years, and they’ve all seemed to know how lucky they were. It gives me so much joy to see our current rescue dog 'Lola' running in front of my horse as we canter through the woods. With just an occasional glance back to make sure she hasn't lost me, she zooms ahead - no more being tied up 24 hours a day – she now has a job and takes it seriously. Lola is now my official “horse dog” and she loves it!

Many people feel they couldn't cope with the upset of going to a dog’s home - but Phoenix are there to help - and the SPA is run by kind and sympathetic people. For more details have a look at the Phoenix and SPA websites and facebook pages (and don’t forget to ‘like’ their pages to show your support!) – the links are below. If you want a BFF look no further - there is a dog out there for you - a dog for cuddling on your lap, for running beside you through the woods, wandering along a river bank and for your children to play with. A dog to share in your new French life.

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