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Helpful Advice

At La Porte we hope to offer our clients good advice on a range of topics as part of our service, which will add value to your experience with us and to help you when you are looking to buy your dream house in the Dordogne, Lot et Garonne and Lot.

We have prepared a few useful articles which we hope you will enjoy – about the area, handy tips when buying, financing and some other helpful services. 

If there is something that we can help with then please contact us.

Links to help you get around in Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and Lot

Below are some useful links to help you when you come to the Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne or the Lot, whether looking for a second home, a principal home, or a business opportunity. We will be happy to provide you with more help and contacts when you need them, so please contact us if we can be of assistance. 


Why buy a house in the Dordogne, Lot or Lot-et-Garonne?

France is a large country – five times the size of England – and with a really varied range of climates, environments, house styles and region specific food and wine. There's a lot to choose from. Given all it offers, it's no surprise that France is also one of the most visited countries in the world, both as a tourist destination and as a location for a second or principal home.


Thinking about buying a rental property in SW France?

503Most of us reach a point in our lives where we welcome new experiences, excitement, challenges and adventures. And this can happen at any age. Buying a gite rental property in a tourism magnet like the beautiful Dordogne region of SW France and beginning a whole new chapter in your life is one intriguing way of scratching that itch. So it has proved for us.


Useful tips for buying your house in Dordogne, Lot and Lot-et-Garonne

How are you going to use your French home?


This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. Is it a permanent home or a holiday house? How much time will you spend there - and who is going to use it?  We would suggest that you write a brief – a wish list – with all the important things that you want the property to have, and in terms of priority - but probably best to limit yourself to 6 or 7 items.


Financing your new home in France

Whether you are buying a holiday house, a permanent home, or an investment property here in France, it may be useful to find out about French based mortgage providers. While you will know about finance facilities in your own country, domestic mortgages which have become more flexible in recent years, and rates are extremely competitive.


Partners to help you settle in your new property in France

Building and Renovation

Over the years we have lived and worked in the area, we've dealt with a wide range of building professionals, who use and understand  local materials and building regulations. Many builders and artisans specialise, and we can advise as to which may best be suited to your property.

Architects and Planning

An Architect may be exactly what your project requires - someone who not only understands the aesthetic and practical sides of building design, but also the planning, project management and legal aspects involved.

Again, we can recommend to you a number of professionals in the area.


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